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January 03, 2007


Dude, Carr didn't come up with this. 'Reverse Salients' are identified by Thomas Hughes in 'Networks of Power.' Carr is essentially giving us his book report, regurgitating Hughes' own analysis. Is critical thinking dead?

Chris' response.

Bruno is confusing my little design blog with a peer reviewed academic journal. However as the son of a bullying french academic (no shit) my father would agree with Bruno that providing better (any) attribution to Hughes is necessary. And if I'm actually attracting folks like Bruno to my blog I perhaps need to tighten up my writing and sourcing a bit. :)

Carr was attempting to parse and make the concepts of a reverse salient relevant to entreprenuers, I was attempting to do this for designers. Instead of relying on the trope about 'critical thinking being dead' perhaps we should commend Carr for being able to get these concepts a far broader audience than Hughes' academic peers. Rather than this being a failure of critical thinking, it's a actually a success, putting these concepts into a broader and mainstream arena where they are applicable and relevant. You know, how the internet works, dispersal of ideas, knowledge, etc. Anyhoo, it's a blog, chill.

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