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March 09, 2007


I'm also reminded at how absolutely different the discussions about design are in software vs. product vs. architecture. Each group has its own culture around the discourse, different cliches, different tropes. Since I skirt the edges of at least the first two, I see the disconnect quite regularly. It's almost a measure of whether or not I have a real compatibility with someone; can they talk about this stuff without revealing themselves to be single track? If it's all AJAX or all radii, then I need to move on!

Great post, once again.

Nice piece. This is one of my favorite whitepapers and it's written by Chris.


Shortly, now days most of automotive designers do the cars look aggressive or stupid, inside and outside. Often both together. It's inevitable.
The design mirrors the human.

One of the pillars of BMW's greatness is the design of their cars, and one amazing thing is that with every new evolution of the models they achieved to innovate and modernize shapes and style without losing the core essence that really defines the brand (Look for example the change from E36 to E46) ... Until Mr Bangle came.
This guy is an excellent designer (who denies it) but he's not for BMW. His aim was to revitalize the BMW desing, give new strength to the BMW essence, but instead of that he just changed that essence for one of his own.
Maybe a blond longhaired Superman would seem cuter but he wouldn't be the true Superman anymore, right?

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